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June 17, 2012This is just a reminder that the 37th annual Hillnutt Daze festival is set for July 14 - 15, 2012.  Once again, we are looking forward to a record breaking attendence as well as a full weekend of fun.  As usual, there was concern by a couple of festival organizers that so many people in one location made it an obvious and dangerous location primed for alien abduction.  However, as soon as board member Tina Lambert showed the concerned organizers a series of yet to be disclosed photographs, they muted their concerns.  For more information, visit the Hillnutt Daze site here or simply click on the ad to the right of the page.


June 1, 2012There will be no City Hall meeting for the month of June.  However, the Mayor's Office and staff would like to congratulate the 2012 graduating class of Hillnutt High: Takanawa Suzuki.  Buddy "Bubba" Brewer almost graduated but that DUI charge stuck.